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Pyramid of Djoser in Saqqara

Pyramid of Djoser : The Magnificent Step Pyramid in Saqqara


Saqqara : Discover The Huge Cemetery of Ancient Memphis

Giza Plateau

Giza Plateau : Discover The Most Famous Site in Egypt

Tombs of the Nobles

Tombs of the Nobles in Aswan: Exploring Qubbet el-Hawa


Ramesseum : The Memorial Temple of The Great King Ramesses II

Discover Egypt

Discover Egypt

The Ankh

The Ankh Ancient Egypt

The Ankh   is one of the most recognizable symbols from ancient Egypt, known as the key of life. The Ankh symbol  is an Egyptian hieroglyph for life" or breath of life.

As the Egyptians believed that one's earthly journey was only part of an eternal life, The Ankh symbolizes both mortal existence and the afterlife.

Ankh is one of the most ancient symbols of Egypt, often seen with the died and was symbols, carried by a multitude of the Egyptian gods in tomb paintings and inscriptions and worn by Egyptians as an amulet.

That's why we choose Ankh symbol to discover Egypt again together. TheAnkh.net is your key of travelling and tourism in Egypt.

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